Saturday, July 21, 2007

Table at Le Sèvero is booked!

...and just in the knick of time! Our flight arrives in Paris at 20:30. With no luggage I am hoping we can get to the 14th from Orly to make our 10pm reservation. The Maître d' said the restaurant closes for holiday the next day so Friday is our only chance (Many restaurants close in Paris for August). Hopefully they will have just enough beef to whip up some Tartare for moi! (He also said that some menu items will not be available). See you in heaven.

Normally I hate it when tourists take pictures of their food, but in this case tourist + camera + flickr account = a picture of the Steak Tartare avec Frites at Le Sèvero!


Christina said...

I wanted to go to Le Severo as well when I went to Paris in May, but it was booked. Have fun! The only place in Paris where I have ever eaten steak tartare was at Chez Justine on 96 rue Oberkampf in the 11th. I'm sure there are better versions around, but this was my introduction!

chimera said...

well, how was it ? did the Severo tartare live up to your expectations ?